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1.Name: Camille, Cami..
2.Location/Age: Maine, Almost 18
3.occupation: Student, also working at Olive Garden
4.Favorite food: Pasta, most any pasta
5.5 stores you shop at: Abercrombie, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret;)
6.Favorite TV show: OC, I know, another OC fan...
7.Favortie color: Purple or Pink
8.Favorite hobby: I like to do just about anything as long as my friends are there. They are the best thing to me.
9.Favorite bands/music: Dasboard, Death Cab, Something Corporate..

10. ..on gay marriage: Gay Marriage.. Well, I think that if two people are in love than they should be able to marry eachother. It's not like we have to watch them wed, or watch them have sex, or watch them do anything. They're in love, and with that - they should be able to marry. Maybe more children would be adopted, because these people wouldn't be able to have kids, and it would take some of the helpless children out of the orphanages.
11. ..on abortion: It breaks my heart to think of a baby dying. It breaks my heart that if the mother wants the baby, they treat it like its a baby, and have it listen to music, and talk to it - but if the mother doesnt want the baby, she says she doesnt think its actually human, and is willing to murder it. With that said, if abortion were banned, we would just go back to the days of coat hangers, and worse. Abortion should be used in certain instances.
12. ..on self mutilation: It's hard to feel depressed, and not know what it wrong. Mutilating yourself isn't the answer, even if you really can't stand living. It may make you feel better, but the more you do it, the worse you feel, which makes you do it more, and worse. It's sad that some people mutilate themselves, and my best friend did it for 3 years. Finally, we found her help, and she is doing better than ever.
13. ..on suicide: "Suicide is the unforgivable sin". God cannot forgive you after you commit suicide, because you cannot ask for forgiveness. You're gone, and you've taken your own life. It's hard to look at it that way, and I understand that I shouldn't say that, but these are my opinions, and I hope that I do not offend anyone at all. ♥

14. why do you want to join this community?: I'd like to meet new people on LJ, so I thought that this would be a great place to start.
15. where did you hear from us? (please provide a link): I actually searched some interests.
16. are you good looking?: Well, you tell me;) I dont find myself to be extremely disgusting, but I know I'm not this hot bitch who should think she's better than everyone else.
17. picture of yourself:

18. Journal: babycami ( not much on there now. )
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