Gaby (greystarsfaded) wrote in goodlookin123,

1.Name: Gaby
2.Location/Age: California/17
3.occupation: soon to be a college freshman? XD no job
4.Favorite food: Lasagna
5.5 stores you shop at: Target, forever 21, ross, pac sun,
6.Favorite TV show: gilmore girls, the amaizing race
7.Favortie color: Dark Grey and Dark Pink
8.Favorite hobby: writng poetry
9.Favorite bands/music: **coldplay**
10. ..on gay marriage: well i have a girlfriend.. of sof course i am FOR it
11. ..on abortion: im NoT zfor it.. but the governemt has no right to make decisions for a mother and her baby
12. self mutilation: eeh. iv never done it, but allot of my friends do, and it sucks. they just need help and support
13. ..on suicide: its sad.... but im not all "you will go to hell if u commit suicide" thats stupid
14. why do you want to join this community?: to see if people actually think im good lookin? haha
15. where did you hear from us? (please provide a link): just looking through random interests
16. are you good looking?: i guess so
17. picture of yourself: Image hosted by Image hosted by
18. Journal:
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