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I wash the windows outside in hopes that...

1.Name: Cheyney Renae
2.Location/Age: Currently I'm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but tomorrow I go back to San Antonio, TX. I'm 15.
3.Occupation: Approaching 10th grade.
4.Favorite food: Italian.
5.5 stores you shop at: Philippe Martin (brazilian store), Myth (also brazilian), Hollister, Old Navy, Gadzooks.
6.Favorite TV show: That 70's Show, Gray's Anatomy.
7.Favortie color: Indigo.
8.Favorite hobby: Reading, communicating.
9.Favorite bands/music: Tegan and Sara, Damien Rice, teh Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Smashing Pumpkins- indie rock, I suppose? And occasionally pop. Who here hasn't jived to Don't Cha in their underwear?
10. ..on gay marriage: No. I believe marriage is a term condoned for a man and a woman, and I don't think there's any problem with civil unions. A name is just a name- gays don't get to be metrosexual either. Fight that.
11. ..on abortion: I know it's your baby, I know you don't want it, I know it's embarrassing but I will beg you not to do it. There are always other options. I disagree.
12. self mutilation: Yes, I've done it. I'm trying not to now. It's difficult and alluring when I'm bored, because I do it before pain comes so that I can scratch when I'm in pain, make it hurt and remind me of my physicality.
13. ..on suicide: It's a rough place. I've come close twice. I finally figured out that I could die in pain or live in hope. Sounds cheesy, but I'm sure most of you know what I mean if you've experienced it.
14. why do you want to join this community?: It popped up on my friends page and I couldn't remember if I'd been rejected or accepted.
15. where did you hear from us? (please provide a link): At this point, I don't remember. Sorry!
16. are you good looking?: If so, I don't see it.
17. picture of yourself: Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I'm the blonde.
18. Journal: sometimes drama, sometimes not.
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